Je Suis

Je Suis

  Je Suis 2015, Interactive Video Installation. During the International Digital Art Festival in Paris France Nov 2015. Je Suis is a mural and interactive video wall, with a live fed creating an infinite loop of progressive frames of video. The viewer places themselves infinitely in the frame. Je Suis was created during a two week artist residency […]



Tactography UCSB Open Studios November 2015 I meditate every night, at least I attempt to do this. It takes me over an hour to go to sleep on average. So I have turned to my cell phone for help, despite the fact that I know the blue light coming from the screen is keeping me […]


Photon Sculptures

Photon Sculptures, 2015 Shannon Willis. Photon Sculptures Shannon Willis from Shannon Willis on Vimeo. It starts as an idea, as the simultaneous projected moving images have no place to land. Cue the Artist, with building blocks of this sculpture ready to create a place for light and form to interact. The sculpture the artist creates […]


Quantum Love Story

Quantum Love Story Quantum Love Story Interactive Installation from Shannon Willis on Vimeo. Shannon Willis Tim Wood “In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware […]

Little Pigs

Little Pigs

Little Pigs by Shannon Willis, cheoreography by Kaita Mazrek from Shannon Willis on Vimeo. Little Pigs is a video installation and performance. Video installation and performance by Shannon Willis choreographed by Kaita Lepore Mazrek.



Clusterf#ck Documentation 2015 Shannon Willis from Shannon Willis Clusterf#ck is a four channel video and sculpture site specific installation. Started in 2015 Clusterf#ck has been installed at the Red Barn Project Space at UCSB and at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. Both iterations responded to the space as the work is created onsite. My […]

Sexnology 2.0 Shannon Willis 2014

Sexnology 2.0

Sexnology 2.0 Shannon Willis 2014 Sexnology 2.0 is a viewer responsive light object. It is a tactile ambiguously sensual interface between technology and humanity. Made using a micro controller, touch sensors, LED lights, and silicone, this new entity asks the viewer to participate by changing color in a secret and mysterious way. Activated by touch, […]