Connectivity Lost

“Connectivity Lost” is a Viewer Responsive Installation consisting of two sculptures and a video projection. A default mac screen saver is being projected through the slowly turning clear female torso, the image on the walls, scrims, and viewers is being effected by the three dimensional form. The slowly rotating acetate torso creates light refractions that flow around the room, covering not only the walls but the participants in the light. Viewers can effect the color the light emanating of the cube sculpture by touching the soft silicone, the more interaction from viewers the deeper the color change. Immersed in a culture of the cult of technology, this piece asks the question is there room left for contemplating the unknowable. Technology is changing the way in which we interact with one another. By inhabiting personal immersive environments created by smartphones, and the Internet, we are entertained and lulled into a false sense of security and intimacy. The slowly rotating torso is deformed yet ambiguously erotic it is caught between the reality of the physical world, and perceptive illusion. The transparent form interacts with the projected image causing an effect that questions our perceptions. The walls and viewers are awash in rotating refractions creating a link between the physical reality of the flesh and our increasing intimate relationship with technology. This piece questions the relationship between the illusion of the corporeal body and the transcendent quality of the mind at a time when our concept of what is real is changing. If like Bataille theories that religion is the quest for lost intimacy, has technology become the new religion?connectivitylost3_box1