Clusterf#ck Documentation 2015 Shannon Willis from Shannon Willis Clusterf#ck is a four channel video and sculpture site specific installation. Started in 2015 Clusterf#ck has been installed at the Red Barn Project Space at UCSB and at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. Both iterations responded to the space as the work is created onsite. My […]

Sexnology 2.0 Shannon Willis 2014

Sexnology 2.0

Sexnology 2.0 Shannon Willis 2014 Sexnology 2.0 is a viewer responsive light object. It is a tactile ambiguously sensual interface between technology and humanity. Made using a micro controller, touch sensors, LED lights, and silicone, this new entity asks the viewer to participate by changing color in a secret and mysterious way. Activated by touch, […]


See While Seen, Touch While Touched

See While Seen, Touch While Touched, 2013 Shannon Willis A tactile responsive environment Containing 5 channel interactive video projection, two viewer responsive sculptures, and a responsive architectural intervention. On view at Pacific Northwest College of Art BFA Gallery December 4 2013- January 22,2014. See While Seen,Touch While Touched, a tactile responsive immersive environment from Shannon […]

one new message

One New Message

One New Message Shannon Willis 2013 from Shannon Willis on Vimeo. One New Message 2013 Shannon Willis Video projection on polycarbonate box and transparent fabric. Box five foot three inches high and a ghostly figure is projected onto the fabric creating a three dimensional video object.


Connectivity Lost

“Connectivity Lost” is a Viewer Responsive Installation consisting of two sculptures and a video projection. A default mac screen saver is being projected through the slowly turning clear female torso, the image on the walls, scrims, and viewers is being effected by the three dimensional form. The slowly rotating acetate torso creates light refractions that […]


Projected Inside the Machine

Projected Inside the Machine 2013 Fabric, Projectors, Acetate, Motor Installation View dimensions variable Statement: Technology and entertainment have the ability to lull the user into a false sense of security. In Projected Inside the Machine, one feels apart of the installation as light refractions wash over the body. Dazzling imagery overwhelms the senses surrounding can […]