Projected Identity

Projected Identity

Projected Identity 2013 Shannon Willis • Acetate form and projection • Installation view dimensions vary Statement: The installation consists of a clear acetate torso, handcrafted using heat gun to mold and shape acetate sheets into a three dimensional object. An image is projected through the plastic causing a phenomenal change in what is being projected. […]



Interactive Light Sculpture 2013 Shannon Willis Suspended from the ceiling via bondage rope “Closer” draws the viewer in with the beauty of light at the same time and repelling them with the use of the abject bulbous form. The form is gnarled cracked and broken, suspended and hung. As the viewers come close to the […]



Sexnology 2012 Shannon Willis • Silicone, Arduino, Wood, LEDs • 3x3x3’ Statement: Sexnology is an interactive light sculpture, asking the viewer to participate in the work. The sculpture is activated by touch, it changes color as it is being touched and caressed. The soft translucent landscape of knobs and valleys is ambiguously suggestive. The piece […]



Ego 2012 Acrylic Paint, Paper, Wire, Wood, • 15x4x4.5’ Statement: Inspired by Martin Heidegger’s theory in the Origin of the Work of Art, this massive hybrid painting creates a new world. This piece takes the idea of a traditional painting opening a new world and expands on that idea. Ego creates a world viewer are […]

Futility of the Ideal

Futility of the Ideal

Futility of the Ideal 2012 Hydrocal, Acrylic • 33 figures 17x6x3” each Installation View Dimensions Vary Statement: The installation consists 33 figures placed counterclockwise in a circle. This installation comments on time and the futility of our sanitized idealized personas and the effect this has on our real world experience.